Upgrade Your Panels Properly With Our Electrician

Installing a new electrical panel is an excellent way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. It will save you money on your utility costs each month. You won’t have to worry about power surges or fire hazards anymore. Power & Light Electrical Repair is a qualified and trained electrician. We can help you choose the best location for your new electrical panel for your property in Palmer, AK.

Faultless Assistance

Our electrical panel upgrade service includes the following tasks:

  • Detailed planning
  • Comprehensive preparation work
  • Excellent planning and preparation
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Excellent installation work
  • Comprehensive inspection

We’ll help you choose the most suitable size of the electrical panel for your property. Our experts can help you determine the most appropriate location for the panel as well and will consider the size of your property, your anticipated future load, and your budget before making a recommendation. Once you show us the green light, our electrician will begin with the preparation work right away. We’ll help you move your belongings if there’s enough space for the electrical panel.

Quality Upgrading Process

We’ll make sure that your electrical panel is properly installed and double-check our work to ensure that it’s fully functional and meets the highest industry standards. If your new electrical panel needs an upgrade, we can perform this task for you as well. Our team will use only the best tools and the latest techniques to perform all jobs promptly and deliver excellent results.

Once we finish the electrical panel upgrade service, we’ll conduct a final inspection to make sure that the new panel is working properly. To get a superb electrical panel upgrade, get in touch with an ideal electrician like Power & Light Electrical Repair in Palmer, AK as soon as you can. We’ll be happy to address your concerns. Just dial (907) 745-5609.

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